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Dear friends,

New Americans Museum in San Diego is delighted to be working with local San Diego County High School students collecting essays describing their family's experience immigrating to the United States of America.

Students from these High Schools are welcomed to submit their essay by following this link 2015 Essay Submission.

Deadline is April 22 at 11:30 PM.


For centuries, America has beckoned to immigrants the world over. With courage and determination they have traveled thousands of miles to rejoin loved ones, for economic opportunity, or simply to know freedom.

As a nation of immigrants, America has benefited from an infusion of talents and skills that are the foundations of many rich traditions. In the civic, economic, and artistic arenas, yesterday's newcomer is tomorrow's pioneer in a continuing process that defines us to this day.

The preservation and presentation of the immigrant experience in the United States is a central commitment of the New Americans Museum's mission. We are dedicated to insuring that individual stories are safeguarded in the Family Histories Essays and Oral and Visual Histories archives as enduring testaments to our immigrant roots as a culture and a nation.

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New Americans Museum is an international destination; a place like no other, where all who have journeyed to this great country are celebrated for their resilience, their cultures, heritage, and the myriad of contributions they have made to our nation. New Americans Museum  aims to foster public awareness of the values and strengths that immigrants bring to our nation. 

Thank you for your interest in the New Americans Museum. We are excited to announce that the Museum will be reopening December 2014.  To find out how you can support our mission to celebrate America's past and promise, please contact Executive Director, Linda Caballero Sotelo at 

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