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Ted Williams

Chasing Dreams Exhibit

In addition to Becoming All-American, the galleries will feature the following, starting with the presentation of a special Pop Up traveling exhibition entitled Chasing Dreams: Baseball and Becoming American organized by the National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia. This powerful display includes interactive stations, film reels and informational panels on the contributions of immigrant and Jewish players to the sport. Also, Milestones in Hispanic Baseball History on loan from the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame includes a memorable display of baseball stars of Hispanic descent including rare memorabilia, original signed jerseys, bats and hats from some of America's favorite diverse and record breaking players including Fernando Valenzuela, Roberto Clemente, and San Diego's own legendary Ted Williams, among others.


Dear friends,

New Americans Museum in San Diego is delighted to be working with local San Diego County High School students collecting essays describing their family's experience immigrating to the United States of America.

Students from these High Schools are welcomed to submit their essay by following this link 2015 Essay Submission.

Deadline is April 22 at 11:30 PM.


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Becoming All-American: Diversity, Inclusion & Breaking Barriers in Major League Baseball, the first of the three exhibition experiences, celebrates the growing diversity in the major leagues and examines the impact baseball and its integration has had on the acculturation of historically marginalized communities as they journey to becoming active and thriving participants of the All-American narrative. 

Visitors to Becoming All-American, will experience a powerful baseball timeline, a visual narrative tracing the changing face of major league baseball, while celebrating nine Major League Baseball Players as case studies of player contributions to the sport, and to their communities. San Diego's own celebrated baseball historian and author, Andy Strasberg, added: "I've seen many baseball-related exhibitions over the years, but what has captivated me about this one is the approach in the framing of inclusion in the game as a powerful metaphor and a resulting visual jolt that the public [of all ages] will see firsthand. If you are a true baseball fan you have to see this exhibit and if you are not a baseball fan you MUST see Becoming All American: Diversity, Inclusion & Breaking Barriers in Major League Baseball."

In addition, the Museum will present From the South Bay to the World Series, a commissioned installation for the New Americans Museum celebrating San Diego's own Park View Little League and their historic 2009 Little League World Series Championship. Showcasing the youngsters who displayed so much talent and poise as they rose to the summit of the little league pantheon: world champions. 

The success and resilience of the 2009 Park View Little League players, volunteers & parents serve as an enduring testament of the game as a powerful vehicle for transformation and inspiration while paying homage to the pioneers and trailblazing players in Becoming All-American. Iconic players who shaped the path and the world of baseball while contributing to the American experience, and in the process, inspiring next generations and forever redefining the sport while imprinting it into our pop culture psyche as our most treasured All American pastime.

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New Americans Museum is an international destination; a place like no other, where all who have journeyed to this great country are celebrated for their resilience, their cultures, heritage, and the myriad of contributions they have made to our nation. New Americans Museum  aims to foster public awareness of the values and strengths that immigrants bring to our nation. 

Thank you for your interest in the New Americans Museum. We are excited to announce that the Museum will be reopening December 2014.  To find out how you can support our mission to celebrate America's past and promise, please contact Executive Director, Linda Caballero Sotelo at 


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