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Help us meet our mission to build understanding and tolerance.  Your end of year gift helps fund exhibitions, artists, forums, performances, educational tours & our oral histories project so that we may never forget what connects & unites us all as Americans: common values, our rich multigenerational immigrant heritage. Please click on the logo below to offer your support in any amount:



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of Immigrants
A Photography Series of new American teens
By Quetzal Maucci

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On view Through Feb. 2017  [extended!]

Photographer Quetzal Mauuci was inspired by conversations she'd had with [teenage] children of immigrants, finding a common thread and recognizing her own feelings of displacement. 

These conversations became the impetus behind the photography series Children of Immigrants. The subjects in her photographs reflected on their childhoods and how they defined American culture. They spoke of self-identification and the constant negotiation of cultural identity. they came from Argentina, India Italy, Poland, Mexico, Peru, and other places, but their stories often share a common theme: Struggling with identity and a sense of displacement, while in the process, claiming their place as new Americans.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015
By Dwane Brown, Marissa Cabrera, Maureen Cavanaugh

Celebrating the contributions immigrants have made to our nation's history.

The reawakening for San Diego's New Americans Museum in Point Loma - Liberty Station.

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We'd like to express our gratitude for the messages of support in light of the anti-immigrant incident that took place recently through the defacement of Museum signage. We are a space that celebrates and uplifts the contributions of ALL immigrants to our nation's fabric and will not tolerate any form of hate crime, the denigration of our mission or our spaces. 
Let's continue to stand united. #weareallimmigrants 





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Now - more than ever - it is important to demonstrate how America's diversity - fueled in great part by immigrants - makes us stronger and more connected as a nation.

The annual Immigrant Heritage Month in June, #IAmAnImmigrant campaign encourages all of us to explore our individual heritage & recognize our distinct and shared experiences.We all have our piece in the American story, whether as a new immigrant, native to this land, a descendent of slavery or those who came to our nation seeking a better life.

#IAmAnImmigrant honors each of our families' sacrifices, struggles and successes - American's strength is reflected in our diversity built over generations.

Join artists, entertainers, elected officials, organizations and your friends in celebrating the diverse heritage of our nation's social fabric.  Stand with immigrants, and join us on the road and online at #IAmAnImmigrant to celebrate the monumental contributions that immigrants have made - and continue to make every day.

Immigrant Heritage Month Spotlight:
From Migrant Farmworker to Astronaut
Jose Hernandez is the child of Mexican immigrants.  He worked alongside his parents picking crops in the United States.  They went wherever there was work.  Finally in the second grade his parents made the decision to stay in the United States and make California home.  Jose Recounts his dream-turned reality, which is living proof that Mexican-Americans can achieve the highest of heights, including space!
To learn more about the #iAmAnImmigrant campaign visit


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New Americans Museum is an international destination; a place like no other, where all who have journeyed to this great country are celebrated for their resilience, their cultures, heritage, and the myriad of contributions they have made to our nation. New Americans Museum  aims to foster public awareness of the values and strengths that immigrants bring to our nation. 

Thank you for your interest in the New Americans Museum.  To find out how you can support our mission to celebrate America's past and promise, please contact Executive Director, Linda Sotelo at


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